UPDATE 7/13/2020

But we’re not going anywhere =)

Today 7/13 around noon, Governor Newsom of California announced that most if not all indoor and consumer based businesses are shut down again. No matter the circumstances though we aren’t going anywhere and we still have your back. Forever, and always.

EVERYONE’s accounts will AUTOMATICALLY be frozen. You do not need to call in, you do not need to submit a form. Effective immediately, every member is being placed on complimentary hold FREE OF CHARGE until we re-open.

We’re not leaving you high and dry either though! We know this is tough on EVERYONE, not just us, and so it is our mission and our objective to keep you guys going during this time. Therefore, we will still be conducting OUTDOOR WORKOUTS FREE OF CHARGE 3x per day Mon-Fri and once on Saturday until we are able to re-open our doors! You don’t even need to sign up. Just show up. A schedule will be posted on our community pages and social media Tuesday 7/14.