So whether you need to gain mobility to improve your lifts, or you are looking to heal your body and gain flexibility, this is the class for you. Restore blends athletic mobility, dynamic stretching, and our own style of a more intense and fluid yoga to give your body the recovery it needs!

Interval X

Workouts consist of anything from battling ropes, kettle bells, sprint training, rowing, pull-ups, other body weight exercises, plyometrics and much more. All of this is performed with Afterburn’s heart rate monitoring system displayed on 80″ flat screens throughout the room showing your energy output and tracking your progress month after month showing your improvement. The type and length of the intervals and the exercises and equipment used switches every month to keep the body and your results from plateauing. *Performance IQ Integrated*


Strength Training and Metabolic Conditioning at its finest. This first 45 minutes are dedicated to developing strength, power and proper form. The last 15 minutes of the workout is dedicated to a high intensity finisher. A perfect combination of strength, power, speed, and dynamic movement integrated into a class like never before. Get in the best shape of your life right here.


Get ready for a blend of explosive sports training, high level metabolic conditioning, and team based training. Performed mostly on our turf and including everything from plyometrics, sled pushes, shuttle and sprint drills, and more. This class makes you dig deep to really find, “The Athlete in all of Us.”


With consoles measuring your heart rate, RPM, and power output, and 80″ flat screens monitoring your every move, this class takes competition cycling to a whole new level. 45 minutes of one of the best exercise classes around. Burn up tons of calories in a short time in this powerful fat burning class. You might need a towel…or two. *Performance IQ Integrated*


This boxing/kickboxing cardio class will leave you gasping for air all while teaching you the proper techniques and combinations so you look good while doing it. Bored of the treadmill? Want to get some aggression out? Wanna Hit something? This is the place for you.

MMA Conditioning

Dive head-first into the training regimen of one of the worlds toughest and most physically demanding sports. This is anaerobic conditioning AND aerobic conditioning at its finest. Be prepared to enter a whole new world where our normal K Box class gets tossed on its head when bikes, rowers, heavy med ball training, slam balls, weights, and more are all introduced!

FIT 45

Short on time? Love the challenge of a timed event? Fit 45 is a 45 minute class that embodies the challenge and competitive spirt of sport as well as the teamwork and support of a team. Every class is in either a timed or AMRAP format and will push each participant to their absolute max both from a strength standpoint as well as conditioning. Always full body. Take the last 10-15 minutes of CrossTrain and put it in a 30-45 minute version and you have yourself Fit 45. Brace yourself…

Tag Team

3 Trainers, 3 Classes, 20 minutes each! Rotating through each of them for the most intense 60 minute workout you have ever been apart of. Are you ready for the most intense 3 way you will ever be apart of?


High volume, high repetition, and a ton of variety. Get ready for intense body weight exercises, agility training, and intense long endurance training. Keep an eye on your performance during this class and watch the calorie burn soar! This class is non stop for 60 minutes! Get ready to sweat. *Performance IQ Integrated*

Damage Control

Was Saturday night a rough one?? Need to sweat out the sins and alcohol? Welcome to Damage Control. Get ready for our Sunday low impact endurance based cardio class to sweat out the damage you did last night. Variation is the key here and since its Sunday we keep it low impact. Battling Ropes, Spin Intervals, Rowers, Sled pushes and anything else to keep your heart pumping and your body guessing!