Interval & Burn

A heart pounding 55 minutes of high intensity interval style training (HIIT). Intense body weight training, plyometrics, and more all done in a tabata or work/rest format done with dynamic lighting, and audio cues. Shred fat and build muscular endurance like never before.


Redefine your cardio experience. Combining treadmill work, bikes, and suspension training, Melt creates a hybrid cardio workout unlike any other that Melt’s calories and will leave you begging for more!

Lift & Ignite

Strength training done right! 45 minutes dedicated to developing strength, speed, and power in group based athletic training, and the final 10 minutes dedicated to a high intensity finisher. Experience everything from plyometrics, speed and agility drills, explosive strength training and more!

Boxing & Kickboxing

The perfect blend of cardio and technique. Our boxing and kickboxing cardio classes will leave you gasping for air all while teaching you the proper techniques and combinations, so you look good while doing it. Bored of the treadmill? Want to get some aggression out? This is the place for you.

Fit 45

Ready… set… go! Short on time? Love the challenge of a timed workout? Fit 45 is a 45-minute class that embodies the challenge and competitive spirt of sport with the support and teamwork of a community. Build strength and muscle, improve endurance, and shred fat in the shortest time possible

Cake Lab & Abs N Ass

Two classes designed to build thick CAKES! Shape and tone your glutes while strengthening your core and shedding that stubborn belly fat. Build backside muscle and confidence like never before!


Move, recover, flow. Yoga done the Afterburn way. Whether you need to improve mobility, recover from strenuous workouts, or are looking to take your fitness to a whole new level, Flow needs to be a part of your routine. Develop long, lean muscles, build a strong core, and move better for longer.