To cancel your membership at Afterburn Fitness, please complete the form below

    I understand that if I cancel my membership, I will lose the current rate I pay even if I decide to come back at a later date.

    I understand that if I am the main account holder and I cancel my membership that one of the other members under my account will become the main account and is subject to rate increase.

    I understand that Afterburn Fitness requires 30 days written notice to terminate a contract. Your membership is terminated 30 days after this form is completed and signed, all required documents submitted, and any balance paid off in full. You will receive one final charge based on the prorated amount due for the next 30 days and any balance remaining on your account.

    If cancelling within the contract period, I understand and acknowledge that I may incur an early termination penalty of $399.

    I understand that my current balance at Afterburn Fitness as well as my termination fee (if cancelling in contract) MUST be paid before my membership is considered cancelled. If I still have a balance on my account my membership will not be terminated and my monthly billing will continue to be charged until my account balance is at $0. There is a subsequent $25 per month late fee for each billing cycle that my account has an outstanding balance.

    I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that all billing has stopped. The membership WILL NOT be terminated until all boxes are initialed. I will retain a copy of this Membership Cancellation form as my receipt and contact Afterburn Fitness immediately if billing has not ceased as it was intended.

    This form will only cancel the contract of the member listed above. If there are multiple people attached to this account, each person must complete their own cancellation form.