1. Is Afterburn Fitness a class based gym or a full scale health club?

We are a full scale health club that just happens to offer the best classes in the industry. We offer a large open gym, free weight area, and all the weight and cardio machines you could ever want along with full high end locker rooms, towel service, free wifi throughout the club, a smoothie bar, kids club and more.

2. Does Afterburn Fitness offer child care?

Yes, we have a large child care area and all of our child care staff is CPR certified.

3. How long is the challenge?

60 Days. January 26th to March 26th

4. Is this a team challenge?

Yes, teams of 3

5. Do I need to have my team put together in order to sign up?

No! You can sign up at any time. When you put together your team, they can sign up and put your name as their teammates and we will be able to place you together.

6. What if I cant find a team?

You have all the way until January 26th to gather your team but if you still cant find one we have a lottery system. If you cannot find a teammate, just put “Lottery” when asked for your team name during registration.

7. How does the lottery work?

If you cannot find a teammate, just put “Lottery” when asked for your team name during registration and you will be placed on a team.

8. How do I win?

Visit to see the full breakdown of the point system. The cliff notes version is that teams will be awarded points for weight loss, body fat loss, weekend event attendance, and for before and after pictures. The team with the highest score will walk away the winner.

9. How much can I win?

We are giving away $25,000 in cash and prizes. There are TWO first place prizes. One for each club. Each first place prize is $7,500. There are TWO second place prizes. One for each club. Each second place prize is $3,000. There are TWO 3rd place prizes. One for each club. Each prize is $1,000 in sponsorship giveaways. Plus there is a $1,000 documentation prize.

10. What is the documentation prize?

This is a new prize we are doing this challenge where we are giving away $1,000 to the individual OR team that produces the best 1-3 minute video of their journey during the challenge. Include videos, pictures, before and after weigh ins and pictures. The important part is to tell a cool story. All video submissions will be due by 3/31/2019 and need to be submitted to

11. Do we get a nutrition plan?

Yes every participant gets a detailed nutrition plan with recipes, a meal guide, calorie guide and more, all personalized to you and your current goals.

12. When do I receive this nutrition plan?

At orientation. We will also be giving away a FREE success starter package for all that come to the gym on Tuesday January 15th. This package will get you a FREE 30 minute session with one of our trainers to go over the exact game plan you will need to get the most out of your 60 days PLUS you will get an additional mid point weigh in.

13. When is orientation, how long is it, and is it mandatory?

Orientation is at 8AM on Saturday January 26th. Yes orientation is mandatory and you can expect it to take approximately 1 hour. This is where you will receive EVERYTHING you need to know about the challenge.

14. Do I have to do weekly weigh ins?

No. There are no weekly weigh ins. There are only two mandatory weigh ins which are the before and after ones. If weekly weigh ins is something you would like to do however, we over training camps and private training which provide additional guidance and support.

15. Do I have to take the same classes as my teammates?

No, you can take any classes you want. We offer more than 140 per week.

16. Do I have to take classes or can I workout on my own?

We have a full scale sports and health club with tons of classes, but also plenty of equipment and space to workout on your own.

17. Can I test in early? Can I test out early?

Unfortunately no. You must weigh in during the available times. Those days are January 26th, January 27th, and a make up day on January 30th.

18. Do I have to test in when my teammates test in?

Nope, you can test in at different times.

19. Do I have to attend weekend events?

?You o not. There are points awarded for attending, but even if you do not attend you can still receive points if your teammates do. Go to and go to the points section to see exactly how it works.

20. Do I have to take photos?

You do not. However there are points associated with taking them so you would be forfeiting those points if you prefer not to. Go to and go to the points section to see exactly how it works.

21. If I don’t want to do the challenge any longer can I get a refund?

Why would you want to do such a thing?? But no, unfortunately we do not offer refunds. However, if you had an injury and can provide a doctors note we can give you a credit to a future challenge.

22. Why are there Red and Blue teams and also Teams of 3?

The teams of 3 are you and your friends that are doing the challenge together. The Red and Blue TRAINER teams are just the coaches and trainers that are assigned to you during the challenge. You can pick which set of coaches you want during registration. They are there to simply help guide and motivate you throughout the challenge.

23. Can I only take classes from the trainer team I am placed on?

No you can take classes from any trainer.

24. What happens if I can not make the Saturday orientation or the Wednesday orientation?

The orientation is mandatory. If you cannot make other the Saturday or the make up orientation you will be DQ’ed from winning. You may still participate in the challenge but cannot win.

25. Am I assigned a trainer?

No. However if you would like to purchase training, we have private training specials for the challenge. Otherwise all coaches and trainers are there to help everyone.

26. I signed up for the challenge but it won’t allow me to sign up for classes?

You must come in and visit our membership director to get you set up in the system. You have registered online, but to be officially set up in our system you have to meet with our membership director and get a key fob.

27. Can I just do the challenge and not be on a team?

No. You must be on a team to participate, however if you cannot find one on your own you may enter the lottery system and you will be placed on a team.

28. Are there classes for beginners?

Yes. All of our coaches and trainers and the best in the industry and make every class we do accessible for all fitness levels.

29. I need to make a team change. What do I do?

Visit the front and fill out a team change form. This must be done by Friday January 11th.

30. Is Afterburn is good as everyone says it is?


*Actual results vary. Results not typical.